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Interior Painting

Interior House Painting

We spend most of our lives at home. Whether it’s cooking, cleaning, playing with kids, relaxing, or otherwise, we tend to notice our environment more than you might think. The environment is entirely up to you – you control the mood, emotion, and feeling.

LaffCo. Painting can help. Have a room on this list? We can paint it.

LaffCo. uses high quality equipment and experienced staff.

Bathroom Painting

Bedroom Painting

Cabinet Painting

Dining Room Painting

Foyer Painting

Home Office Painting

Kitchen Painting

Living Room Painting

Nursery Painting

Interior Painting Options

Pick an interior painting grade for your project!

Investor Grade

For Quick Projects
  • 1-2 coats max
  • Minimal prep
  • Ideal choice for apartments or rental turnovers
  • Low/Mid-grade paint (Promar 400, Painters Edge)

Residential Grade

For A High-Quality Finish
  • Solid prep and sanding as needed
  • 2 coats before extra charges
  • Great for all projects
  • Mid-grade paint (Promar 200, Super Paint)

Decorator Grade

The Best Of The Best
  • Includes extra prep, sanding, caulking, nail hole filling, and sanding between coats
  • Up to 4 coats before extra charges
  • Three (3) year touch up guarantee
  • Best paint available for each surface (Emerald for walls, Super Paint for trim, Urethane for cabinets)

What’s Included

  • An honest, accurate, and prompt quote from our experts following an in-home review of your project.
  • All paint, materials, and labor. While we prefer using paint from industry leader Sherwin-Williams, we can work with any paint brand and color you prefer.
  • A final result that’s on time, on budget, and long-lasting.

The LaffCo. Painting team is ready for your project!

Shawn Lafferty - LaffCo. Painting