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Sitting just outside of the City of Philadelphia, Plymouth Meeting stands on its own as a historical landmark that has continued to grow for more than 300 years.

We know firsthand how great Plymouth Meeting is: it’s the place that LaffCo. Painting calls home! And we’ve stood by our community for years, helping wherever we can as it continues to grow.

From giving historic homes the TLC they deserve, to putting the finishing touches on a brand new structure, LaffCo. Painting has built our reputation on our attention to detail, focus on customer service, and dedication to giving your home that perfect look…and all at the most reasonable prices in the area!

Take a look at some of our most recent painting projects in Plymouth Meeting, and see why more and more of our neighbors are asking for us to give their homes the LaffCo. Touch!

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A Fresh Stain For A Backyard Fence

Sometimes, the littlest change can make a world of difference!

A homeowner in Plymouth Meeting loved the look of their landscape design, but the color of their new fence just didn’t quite seem to fit with the look.

LaffCo. Painting gave the fence a beautiful red stain. It’s amazing how this gorgeous color really completed the look of the backyard!

Fence Staining - Plymouth Meeting painting company

The Boss Used His Home As A Guinea Pig For New Painting Techniques!

LaffCo. Painting’s proud owner, Shawn Lafferty, takes great pride in the Plymouth Meeting painting company he has worked so hard to build.

He understands the importance of staying up-to-date on the latest in paint colors, tools, and techniques. And oftentimes he uses his own home to test them out!

In his most recent home improvement project, Shawn tested out an exterior paint designed specifically for the vinyl siding used on his house. It’s durable enough to withstand even the harshest of weather conditions, and it looks great, too!

Siding Painting by LaffCo. Painting - plymouth meeting painting company

(Surprise!) Interior Painting While The Homeowner Is Away

Imagine leaving town for a week and coming back to a perfectly repainted home.

A client in Plymouth Meeting did just that for her boyfriend! As he was planning his trip, she was sneaking calls to LaffCo. Painting to coordinate the specifics of the project.

After a lot of very careful planning, the client said her goodbyes to her boyfriend, then opened the doors to her Plymouth Meeting home so our team could get to work!

The client trusted us to choose the color palette, so we took full advantage of the stunning historic architecture to create several focal points accentuated by bold colors. The kitchen, living room, and bedrooms were all painted, brightening up the home and adding unique touches with a few accent walls.

When he returned from his trip, our client’s boyfriend thought he had walked into the wrong house! Both homeowners are very pleased with the look of their Plymouth Meeting home, thanks to the hard work of LaffCo. Painting (and our ability to keep a pretty good secret!)

Interior Painting In Plymouth Meeting - Plymouth Meeting painting company

Comforting Colors In A Master Suite

While there are some rooms that look great with bold, vibrant walls, the master bedroom isn’t one of them!

Neutral tones help facilitate a feeling of restfulness, and that’s exactly what this Plymouth Meeting couple wanted in their master bedroom.

They contacted LaffCo. Painting, who set to work coating the bedroom walls, ceiling, and trim in soothing monochromatic hues.

We even gave the master bathroom a fresh new look with a soft red-orange color, to help the homeowners feel awake and refreshed in the morning!

Bedroom painting - Plymouth Meeting painting company

Making Laundry Enjoyable Again

Of all the household chores we have to do, laundry is probably the least favorite out of all of them.

If you have to be stuck doing laundry all the time, shouldn’t you at least feel good in the room you’re doing it in? With laundry room painting by LaffCo. Painting, your laundry room can finally be a relaxing space to be in!

With damaged drywall and a sad, old blue ceiling, this Plymouth meeting laundry room was the last place that anyone wanted to spend time in. After repairing the drywall and making the walls look brand new, we covered the unsightly blue ceiling with bright white paint and painted the walls a soothing shade of green.

Now that the paint is dry, the homeowner can finish sprucing up the room with decorations. We’re sure that the next laundry day in this Plymouth Meeting house will be a much more pleasant experience!

Laundry Room Painting - Plymouth Meeting painting company

A Refinished Railing Makes These Stairs Safe For All Ages

The last thing you want as guests enter or exit your home is to risk injury!

This railing should have helped resolve this issue, but it was in desperate need of refinishing to remove splinters and peeling paint.

LaffCo. Painting sanded down the entire railing, coating it in fresh paint that complemented the color scheme of the staircase.

To prevent the paint from chipping in the future (which can be dangerous when there are children running up and down the stairs!), the team applied three coats of polyurethane varnish after staining.

This is one paint job that is sure to last a lifetime, and to protect guests and family members for years to come!

Staircase railing - Plymouth Meeting painting company

Fresh Paint Helps New Homeowners Settle Into Their Home

First time homeowners generally have two things in common: a short timetable and a tight budget for repairs to their very first house.

A couple in Plymouth Meeting was struggling with this very issue after they had purchased their first home. Unfortunately, their new home was nowhere near move-in ready, and all of their money had gone toward their down payment, closing costs, and moving expenses

Naturally, their first call was to LaffCo. Paining!

Practically every surface in this home required our attention. After repainting the living room, dining room, hallway, master bedroom, and family room, we refinished several wood surfaces throughout the home.

The end results are beautiful, and the home is finally move-in ready. Congratulations to the new homeowners; we hope you love the work we did as much as we do!

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