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For more than 150 years, Lansdale has built itself into a real powerhouse, supporting its community and the surrounding areas with its strong agricultural and mining industries.

Doesn’t a community that has worked so hard for others, deserve a bit of TLC for themselves?

At LaffCo. Painting, our expert team has years of experience transforming houses into dream homes, all with a fresh coat of paint!

From small touch-ups to whole house projects, even exterior painting jobs, the LaffCo. team has got you covered!

Check out some of our most recent projects completed around Lansdale. It’s not hard to see why more and more of your neighbors have been requesting the LaffCo. Touch for their homes!

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Lansdale Painting Company

Adding The Finishing Touches To A New Home Addition

After putting in days of hard work building a new addition to their home, the last thing a Lansdale homeowner wanted to do was invest more time painting the rooms.

One quick call to LaffCo. Painting was all it took. We were more than happy to help him out!

We selected a beautiful neutral color that would complement the furniture and hardwood floors while still reflecting all of the natural light flooding in from the large windows. The white trim helped break up the look of the walls.

The brand new laundry room was painted in a soft green-gray shade, to keep the room feeling light and airy.

The homeowners couldn’t wait to entertain guests in their brand new space. We were pleased to help complete the look of their home!

Lansdale Painting Company - addition

Red, White, & Blue Exterior Paint Just In Time For Election Day

On Election Day, we saw nothing but red, white, and blue!

LaffCo. Painting spent some time out in Lansdale, painting the exterior of a home. The clients wanted all of the windows painted in a custom color to match the off-white siding on their home. Their shutters were to be painted blue, and their front door would be a beautiful Americana shade of red.

After we applied the custom color to the windows, we began painting the shutters. We also painted the new wooden porch to match the siding and windows. We mixed up more custom paint to tie the new space in to the rest of the home.

Finally, it was time to move on to the front door, which was painted in a stunning rustic red. Everything about this house embodies the comfort of the American home. We couldn’t be more proud!

Lansdale Exterior Painting - Lansdale painting company

Saving Money With Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Is your kitchen in desperate need of a new look, but you don’t have the money to afford brand new cabinetry?

Look no further than LaffCo. Painting and our experts at kitchen cabinet painting.

A Lansdale homeowner wanted to update their kitchen and living room. However, budgeting for brand new cabinets to replace the kitchen setup and all of the built-ins was not as easy at it seemed.

After reaching out to LaffCo., they discovered that they could have the cabinets in both rooms repainted at a fraction of the cost to replace them. Naturally, they said yes!

The LaffCo. team applied the proper primers to ensure that the end result would be flawless. Once the primer had dried, they painted a fresh new coat of bright white paint.

The cabinets looked as good as new, at a much more reasonable cost!

Lansdale Painting Company - cabinets

A Modern Makeover For A Lansdale Foyer

The first thing your guests notice when entering your home is the foyer. Why not make it as impressive as possible?

LaffCo. Painting was called to a Lansdale home to improve the look of its entrance. The outdated pink walls did nothing to complement the overall look of the house.

With a modern, natural shade of soft gray and a quick touch-up of the cracked ceiling, the foyer was looking quite spectacular.

After painting the ceiling and trim in bright white paint, the foyer was finished and finally ready to show off.

Guests who came to visit the homeowners had a hard time admitting that this was the same house!

Lansdale Painting Company - Foyer Painting

A Grown-Up Look For A Lansdale Master Suite

In our opinion, teal is a color best suited for a child’s bedroom. Fortunately, these Lansdale homeowners couldn’t agree more!

When LaffCo. Painting first set foot in this master suite, the first thing that caught our eye was the beautiful vaulted ceiling.

Unfortunately, the old paint job did nothing to bring out the grandiose feel of this gorgeous room. Our team was able to fix that in no time!

We used two relaxing gray tones to give the room a more “mature” look. The white chair rail helped create a nice visual throughout the room, making it feel much more spacious.

The homeowners loved the colors so much, they asked us to carry the look into their bathroom. Finally, the master suite has the grown-up look it so desperately needed.

Lansdale Bedroom Painting Company - Master Bedroom Painting

Cabinet Painting To Complete The Look Of A Brand New Kitchen

What do you do when you’ve invested money into creating the kitchen of your dreams, only to find that your cabinets look horrible next to the brand new tile?

Don’t throw away even more money on brand new cabinets. Call LaffCo. Painting and let us refinish your old cabinets and get them looking as good as new!

A Lansdale resident had saved for ages in order to install brand new marble countertops and tile backsplash in their kitchen.

Once the project was complete, they realized that their cabinets completely clashed with the new look. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on new cabinetry, they asked LaffCo. to stop by and spruce up the look of their old ones.

With a subtle off-white color, the cabinets match perfectly with the rest of the kitchen. Finally, the homeowner can enjoy meal preparations in the kitchen they deserve!

Lansdale Painting Company - Kitchen Cabinet Painting in Lansdale

Creating A Watertight Storage Space In A Lansdale Basement

If you’re thinking about painting your basement, LaffCo. Painting has the perfect product for you!

When painting a basement storage space in Lansdale, we decided to use a masonry waterproofer that can be tinted with any choice of paint color. Not only did the walls look magnificent, but they are now virtually impenetrable by water, too!

After applying the waterproofing paint to the walls, we coated the shelves in a white semigloss paint to make them stand out and brighten up the windowless space. We even gave the floors the attention they deserved, painting them in a dark gray color and breaking up the rest of the colors in the room.

Before you begin painting your basement, give us a call! We know all of the best products to use to make sure your job looks amazing, lasts forever, and protects your walls from damage.

Lansdale Basement Painting - Lansdale painting company

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