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Lafayette Hill is not only blessed with a rich history – it’s full of gorgeous homes and jaw-dropping properties!

Many of the buildings in Lafayette Hill have been around for centuries – this is why LaffCo. Painting is so honored to be the area’s leading interior & exterior painting company. It means a lot when people entrust us with a piece of history!

From updated kitchen colors to whole-house makeovers, the LaffCo. team is always ready to help transform the look of your house. All it takes is a little paint and a lot of TLC to turn your house into the home of your dreams.

Take a look at our most recent Lafayette Hill projects, and see why more and more of your neighbors are requesting the LaffCo. Touch for their home!

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Remodeling An Entire Kitchen At A Fraction Of The Price

When a Lafayette Hill homeowner decided to remodel their kitchen, their first quoted price was for $10,000.

What a relief it was when they contacted LaffCo. Painting and were told that they could get the exact same look they had always wanted, at a quarter of the price!

When it comes to updating kitchens, you don’t have to worry about buying brand new cabinets to get the look you want. Oftentimes, all you need is a bit of fresh paint.

The walls were painted in a soothing gray color, which was a major improvement on the once-yellow walls. When it came time to paint the cabinets, we used three different colors to create the illusion of distressed, worn-in wood.

The end result was exactly what the homeowner wanted, and then some…they saved close to $75,000 by trusting LaffCo. Painting!

Lafayette Hill Painting Company - remodeled Lafayette Hill Kitchen

Creating A Wallpaper-Free Oasis In Lafayette Hill

Finally, one less home with wallpaper in it!

LaffCo. Painting received a call from a Lafayette Hill homeowner who was desperate for an upgrade to their interior. Not only were the walls covered in old wallpaper, but there were several holes in the ceilings, walls, and wooden beams.

After removing the outdated wallpaper, we repaired all of the holes in the walls, ceiling, and wooden beams, and primed the walls for new paint.

By the time we were finished, it looked as if we had installed brand new walls in the house. The colors were spectacular, and the homeowner is thrilled to finally have a wallpaper-free house.

Lafayette Hill Interior Painting - Lafayette Hill painting company

From Wallpaper To Wainscot In Lafayette Hill

Oftentimes, when working with older homes, we come across obstacles that may seem daunting to some contractors.

Fortunately, the LaffCo. Painting team is ready and willing to tackle any challenge that is thrown at us!

When a Lafayette Hill homeowner called us for help updating the look of their home, we weren’t quite sure what to expect.

The moment we entered the home, we knew our work was cut out for us. Not only was every square inch of the walls covered in wallpaper, but much of the drywall was damaged and in need of repair. In addition, the entire home needed brand new baseboards to be installed.

The wallpaper was removed, the drywall was repaired, and much of the wood paneling was completely ripped out. Once all of the renovations were complete, it was finally time to start painting!

We noticed that the décor in each room was quite unique. We tried to give each separate room its own personality, and kept with a color scheme that fit the decorations as well as the general ambiance of the space. We also installed beautiful new wainscoting in the dining room to make the room feel especially bright and welcoming.

We were so pleased to give these Lafayette Hill homeowners a modern new look to their home while staying true to its quaint, welcoming ambiance.

Lafayette Hill Interior Painting by LaffCo. Painting

Going Bigger – And Brighter – In Lafayette Hill

Building an addition to your house doesn’t stop at construction. You’ve got to make it look good to match with the rest of your home!

LaffCo. Painting partnered up with a local contractor to give a Lafayette Hill family the extra space they desperately needed. After the contractor was finished building the addition, it was time for our expert painters to step in.

The family wanted bright, energetic colors in their brand new space, and also asked that we carry the color scheme throughout the rest of their home.

We selected a color palette of oranges and yellows for the main rooms of the house. Pops of blue and purple were used in the hallway bathroom and powder room.

Not only does the home look vibrant and alive, but the colors themselves look great on the walls of the new addition! 

Interior Painting in Lafayette Hill - Bathroom Lafayette Hill painting company

Finally…A Happy Place To Do Laundry!

Everyone knows that washing clothing is a chore. What you don’t know is that doing laundry can actually brighten your day…so long as you’ve got the right color scheme in your laundry room!

A Lafayette Hill homeowner was tired of dreading laundry day. The restrictive space that was used for their laundry room was covered in tacky, unsightly wallpaper. No wonder they dreaded spending even a few moments in this room!

The homeowner asked LaffCo. Painting to use the LaffCo. Touch to transform their laundry room into a relaxing space to be in. After we stripped away the unsightly wallpaper, we patched up the walls to create a working surface that looked as good as new.

With smooth new walls to work with, we were finally able to start painting. We used a color called “Sands Of Time“…even the name sounds soothing and inviting!

When the paint was dry, we installed a bright white chair rail to break up the space. The ceiling was painted in the same shade of white to brighten up the entire room.

We love the new look of this laundry room, and the homeowner loves having a space they can enjoy while completing their chores!

Lafayette Hill Painting Company - Laundry

So what are you waiting for? Isn’t it time you transformed your house into the home of your dreams? 

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