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Renovating an entire house is not an easy task. From ceilings to walls and edging, there is much to consider and numerous colors to select. With a project this size, it is time to call in the professionals!

This Merion Station family contacted our reliable team at LaffCo. Painting to assist in remodeling their entire home. The house was three stories and almost every room needed fresh paint.


To begin the project, we examined the house from top to bottom. Each room is unique and has many interesting features, including elegant molding, built-in entertainment units, and plenty of windows. The original scheme of the house consisted of warm colors, using a variety of reds, oranges, and yellows.

This spacious dwelling has plenty of potential to meet the homeowners’ creative vision. We sat down with the family and discussed every detail of the project.

Once the new colors were decided for every room, our team got right to work!

First Floor Renovations

The first floor was the busiest with six main rooms ready for makeovers. These rooms include the main living room, a small living area, the dining room, the kitchen, the pantry, and a bathroom.

We began our renovations in the large main living room. This space was originally an orange color with white accents. We completely transformed this space using Chinese Red by Sherwin Williams for the main walls. Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams was used for accent detailing, including the edging and fireplace. The living room was now bright and vibrant!

To accompany this space, we also revitalized the smaller living area. We painted this room using Escapade Gold by Sherwin Williams.

Next, we moved into the main dining room. We switched up the existing orange walls with new floral wallpaper on two of the walls. The wallpaper added an engaging feature to this space and nicely complemented the other two painted walls.

Once the living areas were complete, we headed to the kitchen side of the first floor. Here, we tackled the kitchen, the pantry, and the bathroom.

The kitchen is beautifully structured with black countertops as well as black and brown cabinets. Originally, the kitchen was a light orange color that we transformed to teal with Composed by Sherwin Williams.

After the kitchen was complete, the pantry was then renovated with Relaxed Kahki by Sherwin Williams. This color was closer to the original color scheme of the dining room. Lastly, the first-floor bathroom was also reimagined with decorative wallpaper.

Second Floor Renovations

Once the first floor was complete, we made our way up to the second floor. This floor has three large bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The master bedroom was transformed with wallpaper, but we reimagined the two other bedrooms with paint. We used Lotus Flower by Sherwin Williams for the second bedroom and Embellished Blue by Sherwin Williams for the third bedroom.

The second floor also has two bathrooms—the master ensuite and a bathroom connecting the other two bedrooms. The homeowners decided they wanted both bathrooms to match. We painted each bathroom with Shell White by Sherwin Williams.

Third Floor Renovations

Two floors down, one to go!

The third floor featured two additional bedrooms with a shared bathroom in the hallway. Both bedrooms were part of the renovation.

Since these rooms were at the top of the house, they had an interesting shape. But, that did not stop us. We were able to add green and pink wallpaper to one bedroom. The second bedroom was painted in Georgian Bay by Sherwin Williams.

Full House Accents

As we finished off each room, our team went through and polished every ceiling, edging, and hallway wall. All of the ceilings and edgings matched the second-floor bathrooms, with Shell White by Sherwin Williams as the selected color. Lastly, each hallway was decorated with a green hue, or Artichoke by Sherwin Williams.

This large project was a complete success! The homeowners were very happy with the paint choices and renovations, and our team was so excited to give this family home an upgrade.

LaffCo. Painting can handle any painting project, big or small!

Ready to complete the home makeover of your dreams? Contact our team at LaffCo. Painting today for a free quote!

Merion Station Entire House January 2024