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Firefighters are constantly keeping our communities safe from harm. Extinguishing flames and instructing the public on fire safety are both tasks accomplished daily. Whether they are preparing for an emergency or returning when their day is complete, our first responders need a well-maintained structure where they can train or unwind.

Back in February 2023, our LaffCo. Painting team was tasked with restoring the historic Harmonville Firehouse in Plymouth Meeting, PA. We were honored that the fire crew contacted our team for this project, and we were ready to give this Firehouse the makeover it deserved.

Featured Renovations

Our team revitalized the entire interior of the firehouse including the walls and doors. However, the most challenging part of this project was painting the ceiling. There were two important elements that our team needed to address when painting the ceiling: the existing yellow hue and the new exhaust filtration system.

The classic firehouse originally had bright yellow paint on the ceiling. We needed to cover the intense yellow with a crisp white in order to match our plans for the space. After many coats, our team successfully removed the yellow ceiling and revived the space with a sleek white color.

The next ceiling task was to paint the recently installed, upscale exhaust filtration system. Our team had to ensure we covered every aspect very well. In the end, we matched the color of the filtration system with the new ceiling.

Firehouse during renovations

Completed Project

In addition to the ceiling and exhaust filtration system, our team tackled the walls and doors. Our team used high-end industrial paint to withstand the beating a firehouse takes on a daily basis.

The walls were painted into three sections. The top section was coated with the light Mindful Gray by Sherwin Williams. The middle strip was Wild Currant by Sherwin Williams, a bright red hue. The lower section of the walls and the doors were painted in the darker Dorian Gray by Sherwin Williams.

The final results of this Plymouth Meeting firehouse project are truly beautiful!

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Firehouse complete renovations
Harmonville Firehouse – Plymouth Meeting Renovations February 2023