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Painting a warehouse may not seem like an imperative project. With all the heavy work done in this type of structure, reviving the design of the site or distribution center may not always be top-of-mind. However, keeping a well-maintained warehouse has many benefits including safety, preventing damage, and creating an optimal work environment.

The owners of this Warminster warehouse recognized the current atmosphere of their workspace. They realized it was time for a repair and redesign. The owners called our team at LaffCo. Painting to renovate this traditional warehouse.


When our team got to the Warminster project site, we assessed the existing state of the warehouse. The warehouse was full of common work essentials such as tools, ladders, and carts. In addition, the walls of the main room consisted of cork and wooden paneling. Lastly, the bathroom and offices were in need of fresh drywall.

Ultimately, the main room, bathroom, and offices all required repairs. Our team moved out all the common warehouse tools and got right to work.

Warminster Warehouse Before


Our team started with the main room. The brown walls made the space feel less inviting and more intense. We transformed the brown walls with Wall Street by Sherwin Williams, a navy blue color. This paint immediately brightened the space.

Next, we tackled the offices and bathrooms. The original offices and bathrooms had similar wall structures to that of the previous main room. Again, the brown cork walls were taking away from a serene office space. Our team painted the office walls and ceiling with Alabaster by Sherwin Williams. The doors were finished with Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams.

Warminster Warehouse After

The completed paint job made the space a more relaxed and comfortable work environment for all of the warehouse employees!

Have a workspace to be refurbished with fresh paint? Contact the LaffCo. Team today!

Warminster Warehouse Refurbish 2023