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The first thing that customers usually do after purchasing a new home is start with renovations.

For these Lafayette Hill homeowners, they wanted to change the dark green walls and built-in wood features that came with their new home. Their goal was to lighten and brighten up the room, while also modernizing the home for a timeless look.

They contacted the LaffCo. team to get the job done!

The first step was to add some brightness to the previously dark interior. To accomplish this, the LaffCo. team used Spare White by Sherwin Williams as the main color throughout.




To add some slight contrast, they chose the Sherwin Williams shade Peppercorn for the dining room.

The team split the wall into two a top part and a bottom part. They painted the top the dark shade, while adding wainscoting on the bottom to emphasize that sleek, modernized look.




For the living room, they chose the shade Sea Salt — which is the perfect soothing shade for the room with the beautiful window seat!

The LaffCo. Experts were able to provide the customers with the home of their dreams! The finished product is truly stunning and the homeowners couldn’t be happier.

Need to update your new home? Contact the LaffCo. team today for a free quote!

Modernizing a Lafayette Hill Home