Modern farmhouses continue to be incredibly popular. Homebuyers appreciate these homes for their country-living style, as well as for their warmth and simplicity. These farmhouse homeowners in Ambler decided to add some brightness to their home and hired LaffCo. Painting to get the job done.

They chose a cream color for their walls, using Creamy by Sherwin-Williams. The cream-colored walls add brightness and elegance to the home, while still helping to maintain its rustic feel.

For the ceilings and trim, the customers chose the color, Extra White by Sherwin-Williams. The high-quality finish on the trim and doors completes this polished look.

The final results are stunning.

If you’re looking to brighten up your home, consider throwing some light colors on your walls! Contact LaffCo. Painting to help achieve your home goals!

Modern Ambler Farmhouse Photos