StairwellBuying a new home is always an exciting milestone for any family. One of our recent clients bought a fabulous farm in Ambler, Pennsylvania. The property came with a huge lake, a ton of land, and a lot of potential. However, this family farmhouse was outdated and in need of some character and paint.

LaffCo. Painting was hired to refurbish this classic farmhouse and give the family the home they deserve. We had a tight turnaround time with the impending furniture delivery, so we went right to work on this Ambler farmhouse.

Our team started the project by scanning the interior of the house. We discovered that the areas that needed the most attention were the bedroom, kitchen, sitting areas, hallways, and accents such as wall trims and windows.

First, our team tackled the master bedroom and adjacent sitting areas. We chose a classy Lagoon Moss color for the bedroom walls and a sharp Navajo White for the trim. From there, we continued down through the back hallway. An off-white seemed to be the perfect fit for the back hallway. The homeowners selected Coliseum Marble as the color for these walls.

After painting the hallways and the bedroom wall trims, we decided to add similar white hues to multiple accents in the house. We selected a polished Polar Bear white for the following accents: the trims in the hallways and kitchen, the wainscoting wall panels and window trims, bedroom and bathroom trims, and all the windows throughout the house.

We also finished the bathrooms in the hallway with the sleek Polar Bear white. Next, we worked on the additional bedrooms in the farmhouse. The homeowners chose Brazilian Citrine color for the walls, bringing calmness and happiness into the additional bedrooms.

Once finished, this classic Ambler farmhouse was now an inviting living space with a charming appeal. Our team at LaffCo. Painting was delighted to give these new homeowners the interior to match the fabulous atmosphere outside.

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Ambler Farm House Photos