kitchen cabinetsThe kitchen is a center point for many homes. From everyday cooking to special group events, people can spend hours of their day in their kitchen. Thus, every family deserves kitchen space that is both inviting and appealing.

This Ambler family was struggling to culminate their dream kitchen renovation ideas. Our team at LaffCo. Painting was called in to refurbish the outdated cabinets to enliven the kitchen. Nothing brings together an elegant kitchen like polished cupboards!

This Ambler home’s kitchen features granite countertops with beautiful backsplash along the walls and under the window, stainless steel built-in appliances, and a large island. The bar high top chairs match the white ambiance of the kitchen. On the adjacent walls, there is a bar area with built-in shelving, cabinets, and a miniature fridge. Lastly, the kitchen is illuminated with contrasting hanging light fixtures coated in black paint.

These features brightened the original unpolished wood finish of the cabinets. However, the old cabinets diminished the overarching sophistication of the space. As a result, our team strategized to add consistency and modernization to the open space.

We decided to continue the elegance of the granite and stainless steel throughout the kitchen. After noticing the stylish finish of the gleaming white granite countertops, our team decorated the cabinets with sleek white paint. The featured white paint was Color Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore.

Now, the space looks like truly a million-dollar kitchen! Our team at LaffCo. is extremely excited to bring this Ambler family the luxurious kitchen of their dreams by painting the kitchen cabinets!

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Ambler Kitchen Cabinets