Downingtown Living RoomThe living room is a sacred space in many family homes. It is the room where families come together to watch sports, play games, or simply hang out. This Downingtown family was tired of the beige wall paint in the living room. Our team at LaffCo. responded and was ready to bring a gentle, warm-hearted ambiance to this shared family space with new living room colors.

Before our team entered the house, the living room walls differed from the white trims, white columns, and stone fireplace. The walls consisted of a light beige color. The beige walls complemented the wooden accessories and the tan couch.

To revitalize this space, we chose to use Gray Screen by Sherwin Williams. We continued the gray throughout the foyer and the grand stairwell of the home’s entrance. The neutral walls also highlighted the wooden appeal of the railing of the stairs and the fireplace banister.

In addition, the living room includes a cutout frame bringing together the dining room and the living room. The dining room is decorated with a bright red paint color. The gray from the newly painted living room allows the red in the dining room to pop without being too overwhelming.

The living room is the core of every home. The room should be inviting and family members should never want to leave this highlighted space. Our team at LaffCo. brought this Downingtown family new living room colors that both met their needs and brightened the house.

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Downingtown Living Room Photos