Wyncote, Pennsylvania is known for a mixture of homes ranging from vintage and traditional to restored and modern. LaffCo. Painting was called in to give this standard Wyncote home a fresh update by removing wallpaper and adding paint.

Some outdated homes have interesting and unusual decor for the current times. This large, classic Wyncote home consisted of old oil trims, a dark ambiance, and worn wallpaper throughout the house. LaffCo. began by removing the aged green, pink, and white wallpaper and matching trims.

Our team wanted to convert the dark appeal of the house to a bright atmosphere. After removing the wallpaper, we decorated the newly barred walls with a sleek Snowbound White by Sherwin Williams. The trims that once consisted of a range of shades were transformed with a smooth Extra White by Sherwin Williams paint.

Next, we wanted to keep the unique feel from the original design. To do so, our team added a pop of contrast with the coating of the widows. We applied the bold Black Magic by Sherwin Williams to energize the room and draw attention to the features of the house.

The style of white walls and black windows have been used for years.  However, this combination continues to be trending.  The contrast adds character to the modern design. By repainting the entire house, our team provided this home a new beginning.

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Wyncote House Photos