Every old-fashioned home eventually needs an update to break into the present style. LaffCo. Painting was called to Plymouth Meeting’s Wainwright Estates to decide how to modernize this home to reach its ultimate design potential.

LaffCo. has worked on many homes in the neighborhood to incorporate contemporary styles and colors into otherwise traditional styles. We began modernizing this classic home from the foyer to the master bath. Our team dove into tasks by removing columns and installing new drywall before adding fresh paint.

First, our team retouched the foyer of the home and the connecting upstairs hallways. We brightened the entrance of the estate while balancing with the original stairwell. Both the entrance and hallways were modernized with Zicron by Sherwin Williams.

After restoring the hallways and foyers, our team tackled the master bedroom and bathroom. Both rooms were initially painted a light beige. We renovated the bedroom with a neutral Repose Gray color and a slightly darker Functional Gray highlight on the adjacent wall with the windows. The use of the two gray tones adds a subtle accent and a sense of elegance to the room. Then, we refurbished the master bathroom with a calming Manitou Blue by Sherwin Williams.

After finishing the master suite, we switched our attention to the children. Our team revived the kids’ TV rooms from lime green to Distance Blue by Sherwin Williams. The playrooms mimic the Zicron from the hallways and the bathrooms to match the new master bath.

Finally, our team wrapped up our home transformation by repainting the mudroom and laundry room. These rooms used the same Distance Blue color as the kids’ rooms. With these slight alterations in the color scheme of the house and minor adjustments to the structure, our team succeeded in modernizing several of this outdated house into a lively home.

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Wainwright Estates Painting Photos