The foyer is the first place that guests see when they enter a home. If the design is dark and outdated, it can bring down the mood of the rest of the home. 

This foyer in Wyncote was standing out – and not in a good way. The dark staircase looked clunky and the dated walls needed a refresh. The homeowners decided it was time for a change.

A major and expensive remodeling isn’t needed to make a home feel new again. A fresh paint job can do the trick! For this project, the LaffCo. team focused on adjusting the color of the walls, trim, and railing.

To modernize the space, the walls were painted with Light French Gray by Sherwin-Williams. This is color gives a simple neutral and light look in any home. The trim was painted Extra White to brighten up the room. 

The dark wooden staircase weighed down the overall feeling of the room. Wall Street by Sherwin-Williams was used to compliment the other neutral paint colors. As a darker gray than the walls, Wall Street draws attention without being too bold.

The difference is like night and day! Now the home has an entryway that looks modern and inviting. 

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Wyncote Foyer Pictures