An apartment building on Main Street in Norristown called LaffCo. Painting when they needed work done on their fire escape stairs. 

Tackling this three-story building was not easy. The fire escape and exterior of the building required several repairs in order to meet the code requirements. Additionally, the paint colors and needed to be approved by the City of Norristown. Overall, the project took nearly two years to complete.

In the 1890s, New York City and Philadelphia experienced a rapidly urban growing environment and several devastating fires. They became the first two US cities to implement fire escape regulations, setting an example for the rest of the country. Today, fire escapes remain an essential part of a building’s emergency evacuation plans. Repairs are essential to maintain their structural integrity and prevent collapse.  

The repairs included fixing the rotted wood and trim and scraping metal and paint from the fires escapes. The individual surface materials, which included iron, cement, and wood, each needed the correct type of paint.

After the repairs, LaffCo. used the Kem Bond Rust Inhibitor Primer to prime and protect the metal and iron before adding a topcoat. Then those surfaces were painted coated with the All Surface Enamel Oil Base in Black. Known for its durability and weather resistance, the color should look new for many years to come!

To replace the rotting wood, all wood surfaces were re-primed and painted. This included the soffit, which was 50 feet up at the highest point. The wood was painted Downing Sand by Sherwin Williams, a neutral tan. The doors were finished with Roycroft Bottle Green, an elegant and rich green

The time that was put into this project really shines through. The building now boasts beautiful clean finishes and there are no longer any cracking or rusty patches on the stairs. This job successfully updated the structural condition of the fire escape and overall improved the curb appeal of the building!

Norristown Fire Escape Photos