Many people love to change their home decor with the seasons. However, if the wall color palette isn’t right, it can clash with the decorations. The best way to make decorating easy is to pick a color scheme and stick with complimentary colors throughout the home, which is exactly what this Malvern homeowner did. They loved working with LaffCo. on a previous project so they gave our team a callback! 

The master bedroom, which was already finished by our team, features an accent wallpaper with an elegant pattern. The remainder of the room was painted the neutral color, Repose Gray by Sherwin-Williams. This color perfectly compliments the wallpaper and the room’s decor.

Moving into the master bathroom, the walls were painted a refreshing neutral gray, Light French Gray by Sherwin-Williams. The serene gray breaks up the darker green cabinets and brown tile. Overall, the room feels like the perfect place to get the day started.

Gray looks stunning in nearly any bathroom and the second bathroom we worked on is no exception! This gray shade is the same Light French Gray used in the master bathroom. To give the room some personality, half the wall is covered with bright white paneling, finished with the same as the trim color throughout the house, Extra White by Sherwin Williams

Lining the hallway is Drift of Mist by Sherwin Williams. The color continues down the stairs to greet guests in the front entryway stairs. The homeowner put the perfect holiday touches on the room – the neutral color looks great contrasting with the bright, colorful decor.

The homeowner was extremely happy with the results and loves how everything turned out. Now they have endless options when it comes to adding decor that will make the home shine!

Malvern Interior Painting Photos