When rough-textured stucco walls start to look old and dirty, it’s likely time for a paint refresh. This Conshohocken home’s exterior walls had faded to an unflattering yellow color, so they contacted LaffCo. Painting to liven it up.

Stucco is made from cement and plaster and is known to be relatively low-maintenance. Sometimes, rinsing the walls with a hose or a power washer can be enough to bring the walls back to a visually appealing exterior. If not, a fresh coat of paint is required.

It’s standard to paint stucco about every 5-10 years. Before painting, the surface must be cleaned and prepped. If the home is old, there may be cracks or peeling patches that need to be repaired.

Our team used a high-quality stucco paint, Loxon XP, in the color Mindful Gray. This high-build coating is great because it is durable, weather resistant, and seals and protects the stucco.

The stucco on this particular home had a detailed medium-to-rough finish. The LaffCo. team gave extra attention to ensure all crevices on the rough surface were covered.

The final results are spectacular! The fresh light gray exterior looks great with the black trim. The stucco will look beautiful and well maintained for many years to come.

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Conshohocken Stucco Wall Photos