First impressions are crucial when trying to sell a home. When prospective buyers enter a home or even take earlier steps such as looking online, one of the first things they notice is the colors on the wall. If you’re thinking of selling your home at any point in the foreseeable future – put repainting the walls on the top of your to-do list!

Repainting a home before selling is a relatively inexpensive improvement that has the potential to add more value to the selling price. A fresh coat of paint can cover most water stains, chipped, or scratched paint. It creates a beautiful and clean canvas that won’t distract a potential buyer.

Recently, LaffCo. Painting transformed this Center City home that is now on the market. The pictures in the gallery below show that the chosen colors are timeless and still beautiful today.

The main light color is a white color by Benjamin Moore in the bedroom, closet, and bathroom. The darker color in the kitchen is Essential Gray by Sherwin Williams. The light gray is great for creating a serene space. 

It’s important to consider that not all potential buyers want to repaint as soon as they move in. Neutral colors are flexible and they should be able to suit any furniture or theme. For this Center City home, the selected colors make the home look extremely clean and bright.

Main benefits of painting your home a neutral color before selling:

  1. Cover wear and tear and noticeable imperfections on the walls 
  2. Appeal to a broader market by making it easier for potential buyers to imagine themselves in the space
  3. Create the ultimate first impression by looking great in the staging photos

Wondering what other colors work for selling a house? Check out our suggestions here.

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Center City Home Painting Photos