Timing is everything for home renovations. This Lafayette Hill family was in the process of getting their first-floor interior renovated and knew that it would be the perfect time to complete the changes with freshly painted walls.

LaffCo. Painting helped pick out complementary cool-toned colors to update to the home’s dated yellow walls. To start, the foyer was updated with Passive by Sherwin-Williams, a neutral but welcoming color for the home’s entrance.

On the same day, the kitchen cabinets and desktop were painted from a dark redwood stain to a charcoal gray, the kitchen and family room walls were painted in Steely Gray.

The office space, with vaulted ceilings that required extra attention to reach the hard to reach areas, was coated with Stardew.

The dining room was given a two-toned design, bold and dark Silvermist for the top and the soft and sheer Fleur de Sel on the bottom. Trim and ceilings were touched off with extra white for a bright, new appearance.

Working quickly with the on-going construction, LaffCo. brought in a team of six to handle the entire floor in two days. It was important to arrange the project in a timely manner so the family could have their home back and so they wouldn’t have to pay another month of storage unit rent for the furniture. After each room was complete, the furniture was brought back so the family could utilize the newly renovated space.

Once both projects were completed, the family was ready to relax and enjoy the entirety of their new space.

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