Pool House Painting In DevonIt’s important to know what products work best in every environment. Applying an interior paint to an exterior surface can lead to disastrous consequences, even if that exterior surface is a ceiling and covered beams.

This pool house in Devon was absolutely beautiful, except for the ceiling, which was in shambles. It had always been painted with the wrong products, and done the wrong way. Even though these surfaces were covered, the heat, cold, humidity, and wind were still able to get to the paint, causing damage that former contractors did nothing to properly fix. Instead, it was always just covered up with even more of the wrong paint.

LaffCo. Painting had to spackle the ceiling using an outdoor spackle, exterior primer, and high quality Exterior Satin paint for protection. The posts were filled with mildew and had turned various shades of green, so we protected them against further exposure with the exterior primer and paint we used on the ceiling.

Now the outdoor kitchen/pool house is ready to go for summer, done well and done right for a beautiful finish!

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Pool Houses Painting Photos