Whenever we get into a home with a beautiful structure and natural charm, the pressure is on to refurbish and bring out its true potential.

While this interior project looks simple, there were a lot of added details to enhance the final product.  Refurbishing takes ample knowledge, skill, and patience. Luckily, the LaffCo. Painting team knew exactly what to do. 

The client had a specific vision in mind, so the whole house (except the girls’ room) was painted with Repose Gray by Sherwin-Williams.

All of the trim was painted Swiss Coffee, a Behr color, that was mixed at Sherwin-Williams with Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel.  We went with the best of the best for this project because this durable mixture allowed for the paint to stick to anything. In this case, that meant oil trim. The trim was sprayed on to achieve a glassy, smooth look.

In the master bathroom, we changed all of the existing vanities, cabinets, and mirrors from dark wood to solid white.

A similar approach was taken in the kitchen, where all cabinets were also converted to white. It took intense prepping, sanding between coats, and proper drying times to complete this task. The windows were liquid masked to protect the glass, and the coating was later peeled off.

The last bit of important detail included the coffered ceiling which had caulk cut out meticulously and then was re-caulked properly. This fix will provide years of sharp, modern-looking ceilings. 

If you are a homeowner thinking about renovating, make sure you consult a professional company. There are many cost-effective and solution-focused steps we take to ensure that you get the best value for your dollar. Sprucing up a home is no easy feat, but LaffCo. Painting is always here to help.

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New Hope Home Post-Refurbishment Photos