Having an older home is great because it provides effortless charm and character, but what do you do when the “charm” starts to feel outdated and potentially even dirty? 

The answer is simple: Freshen up those walls and trim! By giving them a little love, you can breathe new life into any room.

For this Manayunk Victorian home, the difference was night and day. LaffCo. Painting took dark and dingy and transformed it into light and bright. 

Originally, all of the trim was painted in oil so we converted it to latex by oil priming. The walls were painted in Copen Blue and Sea Salt by Sherman Williams to keep the essence of the old space but provide an updated and clean feel. These colors popped against the white trim while highlighting the large windows.

We love whenever we have the opportunity to transform a central living space because it changes the whole ambiance of these communal rooms. Now this homeowner can come home and be immediately greeted with welcoming walls. 

By committing to this project, the Manayunk homeowner accomplished a major interior upgrade without needing to take any drastic measures. A good paint job is sometimes all it takes to enhance the aesthetics of a space and make it your own. 

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Manayunk Victorian Home Paint Job Photos