When the LaffCo. Painting team was asked to paint this new high-end Gladwyne garage, we couldn’t wait to complete our client’s vision. Here at LaffCo. we love being called to give the finishing touches to all kinds of new constructions.

This three-car garage is now the seventh garage on this palatial estate. Our team immediately knew that the garage needed to exude luxury and style to keep up with the cars that were going to be in it. 

The winter months highlight just how important garages are to a home. While not everyone has seven garages to their name, it’s definitely useful to keep your car in a safe and sheltered space. You will avoid rust, dirt build-up, and the security risks of keeping your car outside. 

For this project, we kept it simple. The exterior trim was painted Shoji White by Sherwin-Williams. It complemented the warm tones of the structure and added the allure the homeowner was looking for.

When choosing the interior garage paint colors, we went with Natural Choice by Sherwin-Williams for the walls and Extra White for the trim. This color scheme added a clean finish to the building. 

When you need a paint job done on any project of this caliber, you’re going to want it done right. This homeowner knew LaffCo. Painting could complete this job in a timely, professional, and tasteful fashion. Now their estate has been enhanced and their cars have a cozy new home.  

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Gladwyne Estate Garage Painting