Devon cabinet paintingIf you’re looking for examples on how to transform your kitchen, look no further than this house in Devon, PA!

Using little more than high quality paint and our expert touch, LaffCo. Painting gave this kitchen the make-over it deserved.

The modern, tastefully decorated room had plenty of earthy and neutral tones, from the cream backsplash set just above the granite slab countertops to the eye-catching parquet flooring, highlighted with some brushed steel accents from the stove and washer.

As with any kitchen, having enough space is essential. And while there was enough floor space to get around, we wanted to make sure it felt as spacious as possible. Brightening up a room with paint is one of the easiest ways of doing that!

We started with painting all the wood cabinets in Pure White by Sherwin Williams, providing the lightest notes in the kitchen. For some contrast the island cabinets got a very different treatment and were painted in Porpoise by Sherwin Williams, completing the range of neutrals from muted darks to bright white.

Of course, we don’t just want our room to look pretty. It needs to be functional as well, especially so in a high traffic area like the kitchen. To ensure the job never has to be redone, we layered the island surfaces with Emerald Urethane Satin by Sherwin Williams. Once cured, they will never scratch or chip!

Making your room more spacious doesn’t require a complete renovation. With a fresh coat of paint, you can instantly make your room feel larger!

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Devon Cabinet Painting Photos