Northeast Philadelphia Exterior RepaintingGetting the job done right is more important than getting it done quick. If you can get both, that’s even better! At LaffCo. Painting, we understand the value of time and never compromise on quality.

It was for this exact reason that a resident from Northeast Philadelphia contacted us to remedy an unsatisfactory paint job.

The beautiful three-story house had a brick and wood exterior that was adorned with all new PVC trim throughout. 

Paying close attention to detail, our experts thoroughly sealed all the existing gaps and filled all the holes in the walls.

We then applied two coats of matte gray paint from Benjamin Moore on the walls and trim.

The end result was a smooth and even paint job that our client loved! The house now blends in seamlessly with its surroundings and the neighborhood. Even better, it boasts a beautiful exterior finish with weather-resistant qualities that are sure to last. 

If you need a job well done, don’t settle for less than you deserve! Click here to get your free painting quote from LaffCo. Painting today.

Northeast Philadelphia Exterior Repainting Photos