Chestnut Hill exterior home paintingLife gets busy, and sometimes we don’t even notice our home is in need of love until the paint starts chipping off. Other times, home improvements can seem like too big a project to tackle.

But with the right people, home renovations don’t have to be another daunting task on the ‘to-do’ list!

These residents in Chestnut Hill wanted to restore their home to its original glory. They called LaffCo. Painting after hearing about how we make renovation projects run like a dream!

Before we began painting, we couldn’t stress prep enough. It’s what makes all the difference between a bad paint job and a smooth, beautiful, long-lasting one!

With a good amount of muscle power and an array of tools like power sanders, scrapers and fest tools, we worked our way around the exterior of the house. Our team scraped away any flaking paint, evened out surfaces and made sure we had a nice smooth canvas to work with.

Our clients wanted to use the same colors for their exterior so we brought out our custom tools and got the perfect color match.

The exterior paneling received a fresh coat of paint, but we weren’t done there! The shutters were repainted and now look good as new. Meanwhile, the trims were given a lick of paint in a beautiful neutral color that perfectly complement the shutters.

When we were done, the house looked as fresh as ever. The owners were thrilled to call this ‘home sweet home’ again.

With the LaffCo. touch, your home will be getting the TCL it deserves!

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Chestnut Hill Exterior Home Painting Photos