Philadelphia Condo PaintingIn the fast-paced world of property selling and buying, some clients need to make their place look good as new in as little time as a day. Luckily for Center City Condos, LaffCo. Painting excels at this!  

Our client had just a few days to revamp one of their units before the new tenants moved in. That meant the needed their entire place painted with a one day turn around. They gave LaffCo. Painting a call three weeks earlier, and in came our experts to paint everything in just a day!

We made sure the space received our famous LaffCo. touch. The walls were painted in Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams. It’s the perfect shade to create a cohesive look when matched with other neutrals. On the other hand, if the new tenants want to go bold, it also contrasts beautifully with bright pops of color. 

The trims were painted white, making the unit look extra fresh! In under 24 hours, we were in and out of the space, leaving it looking brand new and ready for the new tenants to move in!  

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Center City Condo Painting Photos