Dining rooms hold a special place in the hearts king of prussia dining room makeoverof many homeowners. It’s a space for gathering, whether you’re having your everyday meal or hosting guests for special occasions. When the owners of this King of Prussia home called LaffCo. Painting to help them with their dining room makeover, we knew exactly what to do!

This project involved more than a fresh paint job. The owners wanted to give the dining room a classic yet modern look. We started by scouting for a timeless, trendy color for the walls. Naval was the perfect choice – it’s very in right now but still has a traditional feel to it.

We installed wainscoting on the walls, adding instant class to the space. The white paneling made the naval colored walls stand out beautifully, and you notice it the moment you step into the room! The ceiling and the bottom and top trims were painted Extra White, making the room look brand-new.

The homeowners loved the new look of their dining room. After adding in personalized decor, they couldn’t wait to start hosting summer dinner parties!

Looking to give one of your rooms a makeover? A little paint – plus some extra installations – go a long way! Get your free painting quote from us today, and let LaffCo. Painting turn your room into that haven you’ve always dreamed of.

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King of Prussia Dining Room Makeover Photos