Exterior makeover in Lafayette HillThere’s nothing quite like that warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you drive up to your garage after a long day. The first sight that greets your eyes will be the familiar facade of your home. That’s why the exterior of your house is just as important as the interior!

LaffCo. Painting headed to Lafayette Hill to give our client’s home a facelift. During our visit and survey, we observed an undeniably well functioning house with a beautiful layout. At the same time, a makeover would bring new life to the exterior.

While the walls sported a once well-chosen matte beige shade, it had been hit by inevitable wear and tear of wind, weather and time. Cracks lined the paint and exposed the underlying material. At the same time, the window trims needed to be freshened up.  

The exterior was finished in Colonnade Gray by Sherwin Williams for a timeless look. All window trims were inspected and addressed in Extra White by Sherwin Williams. A few windows got completely new trim – this helps with insulation and creates a cohesive look for the exterior of the house.

The facelift gave new life to the home and the results spoke for themselves. The owners love the fresh facade of their house as much as we do. Plus, they received the makeover just in time for summer! 

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Exterior Makeover In Lafayette Hill Photos