deck staining in collegevilleThe weather is warming up and everyone is looking to spend as much outdoor time as possible. Luckily, you don’t need to go far to enjoy the weather: the deck can be one of the best places to soak up summer sun!

This house in Collegeville has the perfect deck for lounging – sunshine hits it all day long and it’s surrounded by lush greens. However, it wasn’t complete without deck stain, and the wooden planks were starting to look dull and faded. 

The homeowners were in a hurry to finish the project in time for summer, so they called LaffCo. Painting to get the job done quick!

Our experts carefully selected a durable stain to protect the wood year-round. We brought over samples of Sherwin Williams SuperDeck Exterior Waterborne Semi-Solid Color Stain

Inspired by nature, the homeowners picked English Walnut. It contrasts beautifully with the house’s exterior cream-colored panels and the surrounding greenery.

As we began staining the wood planks in the beautiful walnut color, the deck slowly came to life. SuperDeck dries quickly, so we were able to finish the project within a day. Plus, the gorgeous color will last well into the future.

The homeowners were impressed with how quickly we finished the project. They love their deck’s brand-new look and cannot wait to start spending their summer days there! 

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Deck Staining In Collegeville Photos