A large, old graffiti tag stood out like an eyesore on the side of the Graffiti Removal in Philadelphia at Best WesternBest Western in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The tag was big enough to cover the entire height of the wall – not something you want on the side of your establishment! First impressions are important, and the exterior of the hotel was in need of a touchup. 

When LaffCo. Painting was called, our experts were ready to give the once beautiful brick wall the makeover it deserved.   

We knew exactly what was needed to bring this wall back to life. Our team started by handpicking a paint color that perfectly matched the red color of the brick.

Brick is a wonderfully textured material that adds character and a historic feel to buildings. We wanted to make sure the paint job reflected that and maintained the natural look of bricks – not an easy feat! To achieve this, we purposely left some mortar joints unpainted and varied our coverage on the bricks.   

Working our way up and down the height of the side wall, the building started looking anew as we covered the graffiti with paint.

The final result? A gorgeous brick wall with a historic feel that stood out beautifully! We had so much fun with this project and the exterior now perfectly reflects Best Western’s standards of style. 

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