Philadelphia Exterior PaintingIf you live in one of Philadelphia’s countless red brick row homes, you may have mixed feelings about the look of your house.

On the one hand, Philly’s row homes are iconic, and many people could probably pick a Philadelphia neighborhood out of a lineup of photographs by these red brick buildings alone.

On the other hand, it’s hard to make your home uniquely yours when it looks exactly like every other house on the block!

Fortunately, there are ways to set your home apart from the rest while still keeping that beloved red brick look. Check out this most recent Philadelphia exterior painting project completed by LaffCo. Painting. We took the biggest defining feature of this particular home – a stone awning built over the front entrance – and gave it a beautiful new look with new paint.

The stone awning was a dull brown color with a dark brown trim. The same dark brown framed the upstairs window, making the façade appear dull. We painted the awning and window trim in Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore, and the awning trim was brightened up with Extra White by Sherwin Williams.

Not only does the front of this Philadelphia home look bright and welcoming, but it truly stands out among the neighboring houses. Who knew such a small amount of paint could make such a huge difference?

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Philadelphia Exterior Painting Photos