Philadelphia Interior PaintingIf you’ve ever wandered the residential streets of Philadelphia, you may begin to feel like every brownstone looks the same.

However, while the façades may all appear to match, the interior of every row home is always quite unique.

The owners of this row home in the up-and-coming Graduate Hospital area hired LaffCo. Painting to give their new home that special touch that would make it uniquely theirs.

When we first arrived, the interior was quite bland. We knew that wouldn’t last for long!

We listened to what the homeowners had envisioned for their home, and provided them with a list of colors to choose from which we thought suited them best.

The colors they chose are an attractive mix of modern and classic. Even their names fit the theme, with shades ranging from a contemporary grey called “High Speed Access” to a traditional light blue dubbed “Rhythmic Blue”.

The end result was a gorgeous home with a unique feel that perfectly matched our clients’ personalities. We can guarantee that there’s no other home in Philadelphia quite like it!

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