House Painting in HorshamAt LaffCo. Painting, we always aim to please. When it came to painting my sister-in-law’s home, the pressure to please was really on!

My sister-in-law had a very specific look in mind when she came to me with a request to paint the bedrooms in her family’s house. She is always quite particular when it comes to making her home look great, so we knew everything had to be just right from the moment we started.

I have two wonderful nephews, each with very unique personalities and their own bedrooms to reflect it. The boys’ bedrooms were a lot of fun to paint. Caden’s room was dubbed the “C”, and Brady’s was dubbed the “B” Room”, thanks to the massive painted wooden letters that were to be hung on their walls once our work was done.

We started with the B Room, painting a dark blue accent wall offset by gray paint and stunning stained wooden beams. Each beam was cut to length and stained with Sherwin Williams’ Wood Classics Oil Stain in Fruitwood. The beams were eventually mounted across the accent wall.

While we waited for the B Room’s paint to dry, we moved on to the C Room. The entire space was painted in a relaxing shade of gray, with a perfect stripe painted around the perimeter of the room. The stripe created a simple yet effective way to break up the monotony of a room painted in one solid color. Caden loved it, and couldn’t wait to start decorating!

The master suite received a complete makeover. We coated the walls in a soothing shade of gray that will help keep the room feeling dark and relaxing at night while still reflecting plenty of bright sunlight in the day. The tray ceiling, hallway, and master bathroom were touched up with a lighter shade of gray.

Now that the bedrooms were finished, we were able to move on to the office and guest suites. We stuck with the theme by choosing different shades of gray, painting the office in a cool blue-gray hue and using warmer shades in the guest suite.

Even though I have complete faith in my team of talented painters, we were all a bit nervous about the “big reveal”. Fortunately, my sister-in-law loved the end result as much as we did. I can’t wait for the rest of the family to ask us for help with their homes!

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