Blue Bell Exterior PaintingIt’s quite common for our clients to neglect the exterior of their homes until serious wear shows up. A lot of these clients choose to solve two problems at once: if you’re going to be cleaning up the exterior walls of your house, why not repaint it while you’re at it?

When a homeowner in Blue Bell noticed dirt and grime collecting on their stucco walls, their first thought was to just power wash it away. However, after taking a step back, they realized they’d enjoy a bit of a change, and called LaffCo. Painting for advice on painting their whole house.

Since the exterior was quite massive and covered almost entirely in stucco, we suggested the use of an Elastomeric Paint. This special paint seals up even the tiniest of hairline cracks, preventing water leaks and damage to the structure of the home.

We ordered buckets upon buckets of Elastomeric Paint in Anew Gray; there was a lot of stucco surface to cover!

The trim, gutters, soffits, columns, and frames around the windows and doors were brightened up with white paint. It looked much better than the yellowish paint that was on there before.

With a fresh, new, bright exterior free of dirt and grime, the homeowner could finally shift their focus back to maintaining their stunning landscape. We’re sure they’ve become the envy of the block!

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Blue Bell Exterior Painting Photos