How To Refinish A Fence - Blue BellWooden fences have tons of benefits. In addition to being the most affordable fence option, they also provide privacy while still blending in with the natural look of your landscape.

Unfortunately, time and the elements take their toll on wooden fences, requiring frequent maintenance. If you don’t keep up with it, the fence may begin to deteriorate, leaving you wondering if it’s time to cough up the money to build a brand new one.

Don’t do it! Instead, contact LaffCo. Painting. We know how to refinish a fence and make it look brand new. No need to throw away money on a brand new one.

Take a look at this fence in Blue Bell. Harsh winters, heavy rainfall, and hot summer sun had worn down the stain. High winds had blown years worth of dirt and grime onto the exposed planks.

First, we power washed the entire surface. This removed all of the build up, exposing the wooden planks. Next, we re-stained the fence using Cedar Bark Stain by Sherwin Williams to give the fence a brand new look.

The entire process was quick, easy, and saved the homeowner a bundle. With the proper care, their refinished fence will stand strong and beautiful for years to come.

Contact LaffCo. Painting today for your free fence refinishing quote.

 How To Refinish A Fence – Photos