Lansdale Basement PaintingHeard of Drylok?

If you’re thinking about painting your basement, you should seriously consider this amazing product! Drylok is a masonry waterproofer that can be tinted with your choice of paint color. Not only will your walls look magnificent but they will be virtually impenetrable by water too! It’s the best choice for painting rooms built underground and will ensure that your basement remains leak-free while looking spectacular.

LaffCo. Painting suggested Drylok to our clients in Lansdale when they asked us to paint a basement storage space. Since they would be using the space to store family heirlooms and cherished decorations, the last thing they wanted to worry about was flooding or moisture seeping into the room.

We assured the homeowners that we could create a basement storage space that was both safe and attractive. We used Drylok tinted with a gray paint by Sherwin Williams, called March Wind. The shelves were oil primed and double coated in Extra White semi gloss paint, and the floor was finished in Harbor Gray Porch & Floor paint by Benjamin Williams.

By the time we were done with the project, the storage room looked modern, clean, and functional. Our clients were pleased to finally have a space they felt comfortable storing precious items in!

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Lansdale Basement Painting Photos