Interior Painting In ConshohockenIt doesn’t take much to drag the walls of your house out of the past and into a brand new look.

This Conshohocken homeowner was ready for a change – her walls hadn’t been painted since the early 2000s. At that time, bold colors were in style – now, it’s all about keeping things simple and letting your decorations do the talking.

The client had some stunning white furniture and very unique built-ins that simply could not shine against so many different colors. LaffCo. Painting suggested toning down the wildness with one uniform color. We chose a modern gray hue with an equally modern name: Online by Sherwin Williams.

The trim was repainted in Extra White. The perfectly cut lines and stark contrast of the bright white trim creates all of the statement needed to make this home look great. No rainbow colors required!

Finally, this beautiful home has been brought out of the past and into the present. Not only do the new paint colors perfectly fit with the homeowner’s style, but the look will stay fashionable for years to come!

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Conshohocken Painting Photos