Center City Interior PaintingIf you’re looking to experiment with vibrant colors on the walls of your home, give LaffCo. Painting a call!

Not only can we help you whittle down your options to a color palette that fits your style, we can also ensure that you select the perfect hue to add that attractive touch of unique color without overwhelming your guests.

In Center City, a homeowner wanted to completely change the look of their row home. The walls were a boring white, the window trim needed to be replaced, and the home in general did nothing to speak to their personality.

They wanted to choose a bold, vibrant color palette, but were afraid of selecting reds that were “too red” or blues that were “too bright”.

LaffCo. Painting presented them with a selection of high-quality paints by Behr, and helped assign the colors to their appropriate rooms.

To keep communal spaces bright and pleasant, we chose Fuzzy Duckling for the walls of the living and dining room, and Mediterranean Charm for the 2nd floor den.

When it came to the bedrooms, we wanted to keep the colors a bit more relaxed and subdued. The master bedroom was painted in Lingonberry Punch, and the guest bedroom was redone in Toasty Gray.

Once the windows and trim are replaced, we’ll return to give those a touch-up to complete the look of the house. Finally, there’s a way to give your home that unique yet sophisticated look you’ve always dreamed of!

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Center City Interior Painting Photos