Wyncote Basement RestorationIf you’ve ever sold a home, you know how important first impressions are. All it takes is one scary-looking room to send a new home buyer running in the other direction!

Before a Wyncote homeowner put their house on the market, they wanted to make sure that every room was in perfect shape. As they stepped down into their unfinished basement, which had been cleared of all the boxes and knick-knacks that had been stored down there for years, they made a frightening discovery: their basement looked terrifying!

All it took was one quick call to LaffCo. Painting, and their fears began to fade. We sprayed white fetlock to repair the peeling walls. Once it dried, the space immediately began to take on a completely different feel.

As the fetlock set, we painted the floor with an epoxy paint in Slate Gray. With their basement in top shape, these homeowners can finally put their home on the market. We’re certain it won’t stay there for long!

If your home needs a bit of TLC before you put it up for sale, let us know! Whether you just need a bit of a touch-up or a whole house makeover, we’re here to help.

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Wyncote Basement Restoration Photos