Conshohocken Interior PaintingThis is by far the most impressive thing we have ever done at LaffCo Painting!

A young girl in Conshohocken was madly in love with the beachy-themed mural painted on the walls of her bedroom. When her parents realized that her bedroom needed a brand new window and trim installed, she was devastated. This meant tearing down her beloved mural in order to make the new installations blend with the wall.

Desperate, her parents contacted LaffCo. Painting. Our amazing team found the perfect paint colors to match what was used for the mural. Once the window and trim were installed, we got straight to work!

We repaired and spackled the wall above the window. Once the spackle was dry, it was time to show off our artistic talents. We repainted the spackle, creating a flawless transition between the repairs and the mural.

The same attention to detail had to be applied to the trim around the door. Using six different paint colors, we were able to match the design of the mural perfectly.

Can you tell the difference between the old and the new painting? Neither can we! The end result looks like the walls were never changed.

If you have a painting project that seems too tough to handle, give us a call. Our talented team of interior & exterior painters can have your house looking flawless in no time.

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Conshohocken Interior Painting Photos