Interior Painting In SchwenksvilleIf you think that “adding color” to your house means choosing between bright, blinding colors that clash with each other, think again.

A Schwenksville homeowner was tired of the monotoned look of their house. The white walls were lackluster and drab, but the owner was afraid of what adding a touch of color would do to the overall look of the home.

Fortunately, LaffCo. Painting has an eye for choosing the perfect colors to create a comfortable living space that still has a touch of flair!

The high ceilings in the foyer and family room gave us plenty of space to work with. We loved the fact that there was so much wainscoting and chair rail to work with; these features allow for a natural space to add accent colors.

We selected a series of shades of tan, which the homeowner immediately fell in love with. The foyer walls, hallway, an dining room walls above the chair rail were painted in Universal Khaki by Sherwin Williams. In the living room, family room, and powder room, we went with Relaxed Khaki by Sherwin Williams.

The lightest color was used in the smallest space: the kitchen. Lighter colors create the illusion of more space, and painting the kitchen in Wool Skein by Sherwin Williams really made the room feel spacious. Plus, the color looks great against the cherry red cabinets!

Finally, it was time for the accent colors. We added an accent wall in the family room, which was painted Quincy Tan, a beautiful color by Benjamin Moore. Beneath the chair rails in the dining room and powder room, we completed the look with a coat of Superior Bronze by Sherwin Williams.

Adding a bit of color to your walls doesn’t have to mean anything drastic! The right combination of subtle, natural hues can completely transform your home from monotoned to fine-tuned.

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