Laundry Room Painting - Plymouth MeetingOf all the household chores we have to do, laundry is probably the least favorite out of all of them.

There seems to be a never-ending stream of laundry to wash, dry, fold, or put away. As soon as you finish one load, another one is there waiting for you.

If you have to be stuck doing laundry all the time, shouldn’t you at least feel good in the room you’re doing it in? With laundry room painting by LaffCo. Painting, your laundry room can finally be a relaxing space to be in!

The LaffCo. team traveled out to Plymouth Meeting to help a homeowner revamp the look of their laundry room. With damaged drywall and a sad, old blue ceiling, the room was the last place that anyone wanted to spend time in.

We immediately got to work repairing the drywall, making the walls look practically brand new. As the drywall set, we covered up the unsightly blue ceiling with a bright white paint, which made a world of difference right of the bat.

Next, we painted the walls a soft, soothing shade of green. Now that the paint is dry, the homeowner can finish sprucing up the room with decorations.

We’re sure that the next laundry day in this Plymouth Meeting house will be a much more pleasant experience!

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Plymouth Meeting Laundry Room Painting Photos