Exterior Painting in AvalonOne thing is true of shore houses: they really take a beating!

Between unpredictable weather patterns and dozens of minor DIY repairs, before you know it your house is looking ready for a summer vacation of its own!

In Avalon, a homeowner was distraught by the appearance of his shore house. The siding had collected a smattering of nail holes over the years, and inclement weather had stripped and worn the paint on the house.

He called in LaffCo. Painting for some immediate help, and we were happy to oblige!

One of our biggest issues was the thousands of nail holes which had to be filled before we could begin working. Our team to extra care to make sure each hole was properly filled and the siding was left completely smooth.

Once all of the holes were filled, we started painting the siding. Because the structure is a duplex, we had to match the paint of our client’s home exactly with the paint of the neighbor’s home.

We did our best to find the perfect color match, and selected Sherwin-Williams’ Duration Exterior paint in Driftwood. We think we came pretty darn close to the exact same color!

Another problem our team faced was the lack of water for power washing. The homeowner had turned off their water for the season, and did not plan on turning it back on for another month.

We made do with what we had, and set to work sanding and repainting the downstairs deck and railing. For the top rail, we used Summit Gray by Sherwin-Williams, and finished the deck off with an Extra White trim.

Once the water to the house is back on, we’ll return to finish the job. In the meantime, we think the exterior is looking pretty good so far!

Our work goes far and beyond throwing a single layer of paint onto your home. We take care to make all necessary repairs to cracks, chips, and holes in every surface before getting to work on paint jobs.

For a relaxing summer in your beautiful home, a home makeover by LaffCo. Painting! Contact us today for your free quote on exterior painting!

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