Considering a paint project inside your home? Before you hit the nearest Home Depot for a bucket of paint and a roller, think again.

In a social media-inspired world where every homeowner can become a DIY-master with the click of a mouse, it may be tempting to save money by completing home-improvement projects on your own.

Before deciding, know that the benefits far outweigh the cost when you hire a professional to complete your home painting project. What you’re really paying for is years of experience, professionalism, and a deep understanding of how to properly complete a job on time to make your new space last a lifetime.

Not convinced? Here are five reasons you should hire a professional painting company like LaffCo. Painting for your next project:

1. Sit Back & Relax!

When you work with professionals like LaffCo. Painting, your only homework assignment is not to worry. With more than 20 years of painting experience, we’re here to make the process painless and help make your home the beautiful place you want to relax and live in for years to come.

Collection of pantone colorsCommunication is key and after we check out your space, provide an honest and accurate quote and discuss your goals together, you can trust that we’ll take it from there and complete a flawless job.

Need help selecting the perfect color for a specific room? Professional painters are up-to-date on color trends and knowledgeable in what colors work best in certain rooms depending on the size of the space and lighting, so we’re well-prepared to help you make those tough decisions, too.

2. The Right Equipment

Many DIY-painters aren’t familiar with the collection of equipment needed to paint and simply throw a sheet on the ground, cover their furniture and begin working. But to really protect your floors and belongings, additional equipment like drop cloths, painter’s plastic and painting tape is needed.

When you work with a professional painting company, you don’t need to worry about which brands are best or purchasing all new equipment that you’ll likely never use again. Part of our services include providing all paint and other materials needed to complete a project.

For example, at LaffCo., we recommend using paint from industry-leader Sherwin-Williams; we know that it’s the highest quality and that’s why we include it in our overall cost. We also prefer to use specific brands like Husky for Painter’s Plastic and yellow FrogTape, which are top-of-the-line (and often more expensive) tools for painting. If you were completing a paint project on your own, you likely wouldn’t know about or buy these products, but when you work with a professional painting company, they already own the equipment, so you’re a step ahead of the game to make sure the job is done correctly and to the highest standard possible.

3. Proper Project Preparation.

Proper prep for a painting project!

Proper project preparation is important!   (Don’t worry, the carpet was being replaced.)

Let’s face it; paint splatters and can get messy. Keeping your home clean while we work is one of our top priorities so when we begin a paint job, we lay down a drop cloth from the front door all the way to the room we’re working in to ensure that no paint ends up where it doesn’t belong.

Before we start painting, we remove all pictures from the walls, blinds, light switches, and wall coverings, so that your belongings are protected and we start the project with a clean slate. Similarly, we use Husky Painter’s Plastic to carefully cover ALL surfaces and raised items including furniture and tables. We also carefully use yellow FrogTape or ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape to protect your windows and woodwork, while also making sure the paint job is crisp and neat. We pay the utmost attention to your personal belongings and take extra steps to ensure we keep the room we’re in tidy while we work.

4. Attention To Detail.

Painting a room is so much more than simply choosing a color, purchasing paint and a roller, and getting to work. There are multiple steps that need to be taken before ever picking up a paintbrush that as a DIY-er, you may not know or think of.

When my team begins a new paint job, we start with spackling. For small holes, we generally use 3M Spackle and Primer in one and for larger holes, we use standard blue lid spackle. Then, we ensure that all cracks where the baseboard meets the wall or trim are filled with caulk. We recommend Sherwin-Williams Powerhouse Caulk.

Once the space is sufficiently spackled and caulked, the area must be sanded, smoothed and prepped for painting. From there, we pre-prime any areas that were spackled using any latex primer like Zinsser Bulls Eye 123 or Sherwin-Williams Latex Primer. After priming, we tape out baseboards using painter’s tape and once all of these steps are taken, only then are we ready to begin painting.

5. The Right Number of Painters.

Did you know that the ideal number for painting an interior room generally includes at least three people? This number is important to ensure that experts are working on all three major parts of the painting process: top cut, bottom cut and rolling the paint.

At LaffCo., all paint jobs include at least three, if not four of our expert painters working on a specific project. This also ensures that we complete your project on-time and provide your home the attention it needs and deserves.


If you’ve decided to forgo the DIY-route and are ready to get started on your next paint project, don’t hesitate to reach out to LaffCo. Painting for your FREE in-home estimate.

If you’ve hired a professional painting company to complete a project in your home, what made you choose to work with a professional rather than doing it yourself? Share in the comments below!