Did you know that the experts at LaffCo. Painting do more than just paint walls? LaffCo. offers a wide range of services that complement painting projects.

So…what else do we do?

  • Trim (millwork) Installation – LaffCo. excels at installing baseboards, window casing, crown molding, and (our favorite) wainscoting. We also install new doors!
  • Wallpaper Removal – Nobody likes wallpaper removal – it’s difficult, tedious, and usually messy. Through many years of experience, LaffCo. will ensure your walls are paint ready!
    Recent Project
  • Power Washing – Our 3000PSI power washer will get your siding, deck, patio, and even your roof free and clear of mildew, mold, and dirt.
  • Minor Electrical Repair – Why call a pricey electrician when LaffCo. can hang new lights, replace outlets, or put up a ceiling fan as part of a painting project?
  • Plumbing Installation – As part of mini bathroom rehab projects, homeowners often want new faucets and toilets installed. LaffCo. can handle these installations along with the painting!
  • Drywall Installation and Repair – LaffCo. has done everything from whole rooms to simple patching of old outlets or return vents from HVAC work. Our quality is unmatched – you will never even know there was a patch!

LaffCo. Painting also paints some unusual items that aren’t usually painted but can produce amazing results.

LaffCo. Painting recently painted this brick fireplace.

This fireplace really works well in the new scheme.

  • Kitchen Cabinets – Kitchen remodeling at a fraction of the cost. See this recent example.
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  • Tile – Tile can be painted with a special bonding primer. This is an economical way to update tile without replacing it.
  • Furniture – LaffCo. can spray paint interior (end tables, dressers, beds, etc) and/or exterior (metal tables/chairs, etc) items and make them look new – or contribute as part of a remodeling project.
  • Brick – A tremendous new product from Sherwin-Williams, Loxon XP, offers color options plus waterproofing protection in only two coats. Pretty amazing.
  • Stucco – Elastomeric paint on stucco works tremendously and helps to fill in the gaps and waterproof your exterior.
    Recent Project
  • Brass Fireplace / Chandelier – Many homeowners are updating fireplace doors and chandeliers with black paint. This is a great way to update pieces that may not fit with your current design scheme.
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  • Wood Doors & Trim – There are no better results than taking stained wood and painting it white or off white. The process is labor-intensive but the results are outstanding!

Have a project in mind? Book a time for an online estimate today with LaffCo. Painting!