7Not sure whether or not to embark on a painting project? The LaffCo. Painting team has reviewed hundres of projects this year and included 7 key reasons to paint your house today!

Check them out:

1. Old Wallpaper

If you have old, dated, and perhaps tacky wallpaper, there is no reason to live with it! The LaffCo. Painting team can professionally remove it and replace it with modern, long-lasting paint.

2. Cracking Caulk

If your crown or base molding no longer looks like it’s part of the wall, it’s a great time to re-caulk and re-paint. Cracking caulk is primary indicator of outdated paint.

3. Noticeable Tape Joints

Drywall Tape Joint

Drywall Tape Joint

Believe it or not, you don’t have to live with ceiling bubbles or joint tape lines.

These are just indications that your walls need some extra maintenance by removing and replacing old tape. LaffCo. Painting thrives in these situations.

4. Scuffed or Chalky Walls

You may have flat paint on the walls – possibly even “builder-grade” paint. Builders spray one coat of cheap, flat paint that doubles as a primer. A new, professional paint project will better protect your walls and make your home look outstanding!

5. Shiny Kitchens and Bathrooms

Years ago, many painters recommended semi-gloss on the ceiling and walls in kitchens and bathrooms to help protect against moisture and cooking grease. However, modern products provide the same protection without commercial-looking shiny walls. Benjamin Moore offers a tremendous product called Aura Bath and Spa that comes in a matte finish. It protects without the shine. I highly recommend using it in your bathroom and other humid spaces today.

6. Kids

Cookie Monster BlueChildren’s rooms are a source of consistent imagination and re-imagination in every home.

Having a child for the first time? Think about the nursery. Kids growing out of their “cookie monster” blue room? Preparing to become an empty nester? All are great reasons to consider bedroom painting.

7. Crooked Ceiling Lines (Cut-in Lines)

Painting a ceiling is quite challenging. More often than not, you’ll end up with a line half on the wall and half on the ceiling.

Since your home is your biggest investment, why not make it a point to be proud of your investment and have your ceiling(s) professionally painted?

Looking to get started on a project? The LaffCo. Team will provide a free in-home estimate – schedule a consultation today!