The Custom Painting Question

Paint Vinyl Siding - Image courtesy Valspar“Can my brick/metal/vinyl/wood/etc really be painted?”

The experts at LaffCo. Painting are asked this question all the time.

To a point, everything can be painted (covered, sealed, protected, etc), and most surfaces are. Almost everything you see has some form of protection, covering, and/or colorant added to it. The short answer to the question is yes, but what’s the secret to doing it right?

Lots of Items!

Below are some common items that LaffCo. Painting is asked to paint but homeowners are not sure can be painted:

  • Brick and masonry, including cement.
  • Metal doors, frames, siding, and gutters.
  • Vinyl siding and windows.
  • Bare wood.
  • Wallpaper (over).

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The Secret to Custom Painting Surfaces

It’s true that each and every one of the above objects can be painted. Most of the time, there’s even no need for primer.

The key to painting each of these surfaces is to make sure you use the right type of paint.

With all projects (unless a homeowner requests otherwise), the experts at LaffCo. Painting utilize high quality products from Sherwin-Williams.

Here’s a short list of paint coatings available for these specialty projects:

  • DTM Acrylic Coating is a metal product that does not require priming and holds up well for interior metal doors. DTM is often used by LaffCo. Painting in commercial applications such as professional offices, office buildings, condo buildings, apartment buildings, and retail stores.
  • Pro Industrial 0 VOC WB Epoxy is a product that can be used when absolute adherence is needed and durability is a must. The zero VOC component cuts down on the smell and the water-based component helps with clean up and makes the product very environmentally conscious.
  • Sher-Crete Flexible Waterproofer is a masonry product that LaffCo. Painting often uses on cement driveways and garage floors. It is very durable and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Cover-Stain Oil-Base Primer – Nothing can substitute for a good oil primer. After trying latex primer for covering water stains and smoke stains, LaffCo. has found that only a good oil-base primer like Cover-Stain or Killz does the trick. If you ever have to paint over wallpaper, water stains, or bare wood, be sure to use an oil primer.
  • Loxon one coat system is great for brick and masonry coverage. The product also acts as a waterproofer when applied with two coats. It comes in all colors and is water-based for easy clean up.
  • Elastomeric Paint is similar to Loxon but is very flexible and is highly recommended over stucco.

This list is just a sample of the hundreds of different products available for these types of projects. Remember, your brick, metal, vinyl, and wood can definitely be painted – trust the experts at LaffCo. Painting to help select the right product.

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