Finished Basements – Walls & Ceilings

LaffCo. Painting creates drywall basement ceilings.At a recent project in Collegeville, the LaffCo. Painting team found a partially finished basement with an aging drop ceiling.

The homeowners wanted to revitalize the space and LaffCo. recommended a drywall ceiling.

Benefits of Drywall Basement Ceilings

A drywall basement ceiling works best for basements with height restrictions – it requires much less space than a drop ceiling.

Here are some additional benefits:

  • Less maintenance. No need to worry about replacing drop ceiling tiles in future years.
  • Color options. White is most popular but ceilings can be painted any color.
  • Lights. More fixture options and easier to place recessed lights.

Comprehensive Project

This ceiling project made the basement much more usable. After removing the drop ceiling, the LaffCo. team ran proper electric lines for recessed lights. Once complete, the drywall was installed and secured.

To finish, three coats of spackle were applied to make sure the final surface was smooth.

Have Your Own Basement Project?

Looking for help with your own basement project? The LaffCo. team can help with painting, drywalling, and lots more. Contact us today for a free in-home estimate!